Main main application characteristics of hardware stamping process

Hardware stamping parts are applied to plates, belts, tubes, and profiles to plates, belts, tubes, and profiles by pressing machines and molds, resulting in plastic deformation and separation, thereby obtaining a molding process of workpiece (hardware stamping parts) required for shape and size. Let’s explain some of the characteristics and characteristics of the processing of hardware stamping parts.

The hardware stamper is applied to the plate, belt, tube and profile to plate, belt, tube and profile to produce plastic deformation and separation by pressing the press, to obtain the molding of the desired shape and size of workpiece (hardware stamping parts). processing method. Stamping and forging belong to plastic processing (called press processing), which is collectively referred to as forging. Stamping blank is mainly hot rolled and cold rolled steel plates and steel strips. Stamping is mainly classified according to process, which can be divided into separation processes and forming processes.

Hardware stamping parts mainly use the pressure of the metal or non-metallic sheet, by sheet metal stamping pressing the press, which is formed by stamping the mold, which mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) Hardware stamping parts The premise of low material consumption is made by stamping. They have light weight and have good stiffness. After the plastic deformation, the internal tissue structure of the metal is improved, and the strength of the hardware stamping parts is improved.

(2) Hardware stamped parts have high dimensional precision, uniform size, the same module, and the interchangeability is good. Need general assembly and use requirements without machining.  (3) Hardware stamping parts During the stamping process, since the surface of the material is not damaged, there is a good surface quality, and there is a slight view, which provides surface painting, plating, drawing and other surface treatment. Convenient conditions.  Characteristics of the hardware stamping parts  Hardware stamping parts are the power of conventional stamping equipment, so that the metal sheet is directly deformed and deform in the mold, thereby obtaining a shape, size, and Performance of product parts production process. Sheet metal, molds, and equipment are three major elements of stamping. Stamping is a metal cold deformation process. It is called cold punching sheet metal stamping, referred to as stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (pressure processing), belonging to material forming engineering technology.

Hardware stamping parts have the characteristics of thin, uniform, light, strong combat power than castings. A workpiece with a reinforcing ribs made from this skilled hand-made diameter can be manufactured by stamping to increase its stiffness. Remove the blank mold, the workpiece accuracy can reach the micrometer, accuracy and specifications, and can be punched, sleeves, bosses, etc. In actual production, the process test of similar stamping processes is often used to test the stamping performance of the material, such as the drawing performance test, the bulging performance test, etc., ensuring the quality of the finished product and high pass rate.

Hardware stamping parts are also equipped with a stagnant compression in addition to the hydraulics of the thick plate. In response to the world’s multi-station slag mode, establish a mounting, finished product collection, escort and other equipment configuration, and place a quick change. With computer french tube bundle, a productivity can be formed.Passive stamping production line.In the case of producing dozens or hundreds of metal stamping parts per minute, the stamping and parts production process is completed in a short period of time, leading to personnel, equipment and quality problems.