Lutron Vs Somfy – Radio, Infrared Or Hardwired Controls

These days it seems just about every electrical item that you buy comes with a remote control of some sort, to the point where it makes you wonder how long it will be before we have them for ovens and fridges.

You can now buy remote controlled wall light 433 mhz remote control switches from just about every major Do It Yourself (DIY) store that you can fit to replace all of your existing switches to allow you to use one remote control to turn the lights on, or dim them up and down in every room in the house.

Yet until now no such type of mains powered remote control has been available for use outside. However there is now a device called the Wisebox wireless controller that allows you to control mains powered devices outside from inside using a wireless remote control.

Your first thought may be “That is just for lazy people,” but then think if you think you have heard someone moving around in your garden late at night, but then realise you have forgotten to turn the power to the security light on, what would you do?

The chances are the power switch for the security light is located in your shed or garage, just where you do not want to go if you think you have a prowler. So would it not be great if you could turn them on remotely from inside your house?

The possibilities for such an external wireless switching system are endless.

When it comes to security you could use it to close window shutters or gates, ideal on a wet and rainy night. Or you could simply use it to turn all of the power to a shed or summer house off, ideal if you have heating and lighting running in them. This also means that you could turn on the heating in such a building before you go out to it so it is nice and warm when you get there.

You would be surprised at many times you will use such a device, particularly as you can guarantee most of the above situations occur after you have got changed for bed.

Typically these wireless switches feature four individual circuits that each have their own fuse, so if one device blows then the other three remote control channels carry on working. The wireless switches are operated from a four button remote keyfob that can easily fit in you pocket for ease of use.