List Different Ways of Inflating Air in an Air Track

For the measurement of air inflation rate, special devices are provided. Kameymall brand also provides some special devices for the measurement purpose. The most common device is pressure gauge. However, what are the different ways of inflating air in an air track. It should be considered because a wrong inflated way can cause damage in your air track.

Hard, Medium, or Soft?

The air track mat can be inflated in three most common ways: hard, medium, or soft. So that the resultant mat will be a hard mat, a medium mat, or a soft mat.

  • When an air track mat looks and feels hard, it shows there is more pressure in this mat. Dead floor is used for this kind of air track.
  • For better bounce rate, a lower pressure air track mat called medium mat is used. It is ideal mat for most gymnasts and for training of jumps.
  • Soft mat is advised to be used for little kids and champs. These type of air tracks uses the least air pressure. It is good for athletes and gymnasts that are beginners, for example, children.

The best air track uses the exact air pressure for perfect jumping.