Innovative Payment Solutions for Collection Agencies

The Conundrum for Collection Agencies

Collection agencies in addition to accounts receivable management businesses have long been the black sheep in the eyes of charge card companies as well as processors. Anybody trying to put in place a merchant account like a debt collection agency may attest to this particular point as they’re regularly directed paying amazing processing charges as well as keep a reserve of a large number of dollars to safeguard the charge card processing seller. Although this might have been a legitimate exercise in the 1980s as well as 1990s, it’s been balanced out by the flood of debit cards as well as ACH transfers which are today the preferred technique of payment for many debtors as the prior risks are not there for the parties involved. Nevertheless, collection agencies continue to be penalized like there is no shift for the majority of the business community. The companies that focus on medical accounts as well as business are the hardest hit with such penalties as the vast majority of the payments of theirs are $500.00 or a reduced amount of. They’re just losing excessive in per transaction costs, improved charge percentages, as well as the dreaded reserve of money to maintain earnings while taking debit or credit cards as third party debt collectors.

Help Is actually Coming

We have seen others to realize the shortcomings of the present system for those companies in the current market. Several of these individuals have begun a revolution the industry with the personal version of theirs of payment processing as well as cash transfer solutions. They’ve taken the banking part out of processing payments for those merchants, which includes debt collectors, and also facilitated an immediate transfer of money between parties. The trend isn’t just for collection agencies, sometimes. The state of Iowa announced in January, 2013 that they’ll be accepting payments from one particular business for the transaction of state fees. These businesses are quickly and actively shifting the pattern from processing credit cards to a “cash based” cash transfer process which alleviates the requirements which huge banks put on businesses that are small, which includes collection organizations.