How to Make Sushi at Home

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food made of vinegared rice. It is served with salt and sugar, and it often contains seafood or vegetables. There are many different styles of sushi, each with their own unique flavors and preparation. Sushi rice is also known as shari or sumeshi. You can find sushi in all types of Japanese restaurants.

nigiri sushi

Nigiri sushi has a unique structure and requires one bite to eat the entire piece. A skilled sushi chef spends years practicing the art of cutting rice and preparing a variety of ingredients. Before making sushi rice, ingredients are often “primed” using techniques such as smoking, curing, and searing. These techniques are used to enhance the flavors and textures of certain ingredients. Common ingredients used in Nigiri sushi include salted mackerel, boiled sweet shrimp, and broiled freshwater eels.

Nigiri sushi differs from other sushi bars’ menu options in that it’s made from rice instead of vinegar, unlike maki sushi. Also, unlike sashimi sushi, nigiri sushi is handpressed, unlike maki sushi, which is rolled.


Makizushi is a Japanese dish that has a very simple preparation and a few essential ingredients. The sushi rice is the most important part of makizushi. It is sticky and is different from other types of rice, which means that it will hold together in rolls. Here’s how to make makizushi at home.

A typical makizushi roll is cylindrical in shape and wrapped with seaweed. The chef uses a mat to roll it out and then cuts it into six to eight pieces. A cross-section of the makizushi reveals the ingredients inside. In the video below, an illustrator known as Tama-chan illustrates the ingredients that go into a makizushi.


Inarizushi sushi is a type of Japanese sushi that is made from rice. There are several different types of this sushi, and there are some general tips for making it. First, you should prepare the rice. You can use store-bought abura-age or make your own by squeezing a pouch of abura-age. Then, fill it with sushi rice. After the rice has been placed inside, fold the opened side down and add a slice of avocado.

There are various varieties of Inarizushi sushi, depending on the region they’re made in. The shapes of the sushi vary depending on the type of rice. In general, inarizushi sushi catering are triangular in shape and are made with bonito, donko, sugar, and soy sauce. Traditional Inarizushi sushi are rolled with rice and served with a soup stock, but some chefs make them in a different style.


If you love Japanese food, then you’ll love abura-age. This deep-fried tofu is a popular part of sushi and miso soups. It’s also used in hot pots and inari sushi. The tofu is soaked in liquid before frying, which keeps its pockets soft.

You can make abura-age at home with the help of a tofu pouch or buy prepackaged ones from a supermarket. The abura-age is available in freezer, refrigerator, or canned versions. Abura-age is very versatile, and can be used in any meal. For instance, it’s a great addition to hot pot broth and soups.


Hosomaki sushi is one of the simplest sushi rolls to make. Its basic ingredients are rice and cucumber. In addition, you can add any filling you like. Some popular fillings include avocado, hot dogs, ham, cheese sticks, and more. Then, you can wrap the roll in a customizable nori wrapper. Hosomaki sushi can be topped with wasabi, Japanese mayonnaise, and sushi ginger.

Hosomaki sushi is a thin sushi roll filled with either fish or vegetables. It’s a great choice for a light lunch or bento box. It can also be a great appetiser. It’s a very simple and quick process.


Temaki Sushi is a type of hand-rolled sushi that is a great way to get your sushi fix.

These sushi are made with raw salmon, avocado, cucumber, and other ingredients. They are also great for introducing people to sushi. While sashimi-grade fish is traditionally used as a filling, you can also use sliced vegetables and mango.

Temaki Sushi is very simple to make. You will need to prepare sushi rice and slice up your fillings. From there, the rest of the process is up to your taste.


Uramaki sushi, which means “inside-out roll”, is a type of rolled sushi with rice on the outside instead of inside the nori. It’s a popular type of sushi that originated in Los Angeles and is similar to the California roll. You can make uramaki at home or at a sushi restaurant.

The process of making uramaki sushi is simple: spread a thin layer of rice onto the sushi mat and roll it up. Next, apply the fillings. Typically, one to three fillings are used. Once the rice is on the outside, roll up the nori and filling. You should eat the uramaki as soon as it’s ready. If you don’t, it will absorb too much of the soy sauce.