Here are some common signs and tips for pothole damaged wheels

Pothole damage wheels can reduce the quality or performance of your vehicle. Potholes can change the alignment of your vehicle and could lead to tire wear.

Potholes may cause your suspension and steering components to fail prematurely. Potholes can also cause injury to the shock absorber, shock absorbing system, tires and rims. Pothole damage also can cause damage to other parts of your vehicle such as the suspension components, control arms (ball joints, tierods, idler arms pitman arms swaybars and links, centre drag links, wheel bearings or axle shafts).

How to spot a damaged wheel due to a pothole

How can you tell if your wheel is damaged? The most obvious signs are: Bulging along the tire’s sidewall, dents, leaks, and rusting; Axle and suspension failure; Vibration or desulfurization of tire

Tips to Avoid a Pothole

The UK roads are full of potholes so it is important to be able to spot them and avoid them. It’s best to allow enough distance between yourself and the vehicle in front. This allows you see the pothole before it gets in your way. If you can’t avoid the pothole, slow down. Vehicles that hit potholes at high speeds are more likely to cause serious injury. Don’t attempt to brake while driving over potholes. This forces the vehicle forward and places stress on the front suspension.

How do you find a high quality pothole damaged wheel replacement?

It is essential to get your pothole damaged wheel repaired. If you fail to ensure that your wheels are properly repaired, you risk your safety. Although you may find several wheel repair providers near your location, the problem is finding a quality provider.

It is possible to look online or ask for recommendations from family and friends in order to find a quality repair company. Consider these facts before you decide on a repair team.

  • Ensure that all necessary licensing is obtained by the firm to execute the job.
  • They must have a proven track record
  • Make sure to choose a firm capable of offering complete repairs

A good repair company will normally offer repair services, such as fixing bent or damaged wheels, replacing punctured tyres, repairing pothole damaged tires, and fixing leaks and rusting.

These facts will help ensure that you have your wheels repaired as soon as possible.