Central air conditioning auxiliary electric heater control method

Central air conditioning auxiliary electric heater control method: 1, during the central air conditioner during heating, with the reduction of the operating environment of the external machine gradually declines.When the outdoor temperature is low to -10 degrees Celsius, the host can only generate 60% of the thermal energy, plus the host chemical cream, only 50% of the thermal energy, the heat can be provided by the central air conditioner can not meet the heat required for the residential, in order toSupplementary this part of the heat, you need to increase the auxiliary electric heater on the basis of the original portable electric heater heating equipment, select 30% -40% of the air conditioner, as the power of the electric heater.2, the auxiliary electric heater does not require other auxiliary equipment, which has significant advantages in installation and operation compared to other main equipment such as small boilers.3. After installation, it is integrated with the central air conditioning unit. It is only necessary to turn on the power to automatically complete the control and protection.4. Auxiliary electric heaters can make up for the insufficient temperature of the central air conditioner host for winter heat.