6 Ways Executive Leadership Coaching Pays Off

For example, a coach shows contingent reward behavior by communicating that the coachee is responsible for the implementation of action steps and goal attainment (Mühlberger and Traut-Mattausch, 2015). There are also certain overlaps between coaching and transformational leadership in practices that facilitate personal growth and motivate followers to perform beyond expectations . Some of the strategies transformational leaders use—individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, and inspirational motivation—correspond Executive leadership coaching to characteristic coaching behaviors. Coaches show individualized consideration by acknowledging the needs and goals of the coachees and supporting his or her personal strengths. Coaches provide intellectual stimulation by encouraging the coachees to consider issues from new perspectives and by doing so, they challenge the coachees assumptions and ideas. Finally, coaches provide inspirational motivation by helping the coachees create an optimistic vision for their future (Mühlberger and Traut-Mattausch, 2015).

First, let’s talk about the pricing strategies you can use to price your coaching services

That is, even if group training could help participants attain their goals, training was not more effective than merely setting a goal or engaging in goal-striving activities by oneself. As expected, individual coaching was the most effective intervention to facilitate participants’ goal attainment. That participants of the control group reported some degree of goal-attainment progress was surprising, as they did not objectively receive any intervention.

And once you’ve worked with clients and become more established, you can put your rates on your website to narrow down your sales calls. The more attractive your coaching results are, the higher you can price your services. Once you’ve gotten your first few clients, you can start using the next strategy, which is Necessity pricing. For most new coaches in most industries, this price usually comes to around $1,500 for a 3-month package. And it’s called that because the idea is to “penetrate” the market by offering the lowest coaching fee that you’re comfortable working for. That’s why today, I’m going to help you figure out your perfect coaching program price.

Session 1 focused on the discrepancy between an actual and desired state and setting personal goals. Session 2 addressed the identification of dysfunctional cognitions and patterns of behavior as well as the development of useful strategies. Session 3 aimed at working out an action plan and considering potential obstacles to goal attainment. Optionally, all participants were offered a follow-up meeting to reflect on their progress and difficulties regarding the implementation of the action plan. To avoid a bias in data collection due to benefits resulting from the follow-up meeting, appointments were arranged after participants had completed the last questionnaire.

Coaching Can Help Leaders Identify the Path Forward for Transformational Change

To the best of our knowledge, to date there is little or no empirical research exploring the effectiveness of coaching in comparison to the more well established practice of training. Recent research demonstrated that transactional and transformational leadership behavior can indeed be transferred to the coaching context (Mühlberger and Traut-Mattausch, 2015). In an experimental study, undergraduates who obtained group or dyadic coaching to reduce procrastination behavior had higher goal attainment, goal commitment and goal self-efficacy compared to a control group. Undergraduates in the dyadic coaching setting, compared to those in the group coaching setting, showed higher increases in goal attainment, intrinsic motivation, and goal-related self-reflection. These effects were mediated by transactional and transformational coaching behavior. However, group and dyadic coaching consisted of only one session lasting 1 h.

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Moving from an hourly rate to packages based on client results will be much more attractive to your clients. Clients will better understand “what’s in it for them” and compare the value of those results to the price of your service.